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Advanced Jamming Solutions

Phantom provides high end jamming solution for Cellular and RF bands for many kinds of applications such as prisons, Large campuses, Conference Rooms, Sensitive areas, VIP protection, Military units Etc. Our line product includes Digital Cellular Jammers, Manpack Jammer, Broadband Jammers, Cellular Detectors, Power Amplifiers and Counter Surveillance Equipment.
Convoy Jammers Military vehicles and Luxury vehicles for convoy and VIP protection Against RCIED
Cell Phone Jammers Portable and stationary cellular jammers for different applications
Tactical Jammers High end portable Back pack Jammers and Trolley Jammers against RCIED
Power Amplifiers Available as solid state Rack Mount and Pelican Case or Modules only
Counter Surveillance Non-linear junction detectors, Bug detectors and counter measurement
Intelligence Know exactly what is going on in a covered area and control it

Phantom worldwide

Phantom World Wide

World's Leading Developer and Manufacturer of Jammers since 1996, Phantom Technologies LTD has specialized in development and manufacture of special jammers for both cellular and RF communications. Phantom Technologies LTD has on the staff a research and development team that engineers high-end jammers, using the most advanced components available.

Prison jammer aims at interrupting communication of unauthorized cell phones in the prison. This device helps in controlling communication of criminals present in the prison.
A few years ago, as journalists went inside National Assembly to cover the address of the President of the USA, they realized that they did not have any access to cellular reception