PHJD880 - Non Linear Junction Detection

The PHJD880 has been designed for detection non linear junctions  including variety range of components such as diodes, transistors, IC’s, etc.

The PHJD880 can detect electronics circuit such as hidden transmitters, tape recorders, Cellular phones even though DC source is NOT apply.

The PHJD880 is state-of-art Non Linear Junction Detector based on latest technology includes DDS and DSP. The system provides evaluation of 2nd and 3rd harmonic.
Returns strong 2nd harmonic indicates electronic components while strong
3rd harmonics indicates false corrosive junctions.
Both 2nd & 3rd harmonic are being displayed in the same time.

Technical Advantages

  • Fully digital system 
  • Automatic or manual channel select
  • High power transmitter (+33 dBm)
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity
  • CW or Pulse mode operation

PHJD880 Advancement 

  • Blue LCD Display with Backlight
  • High gain circular antenna
  • Minimum setup time
  • Robust & lightweight design
  • Easy to use 
  • Rechargeable batteries Li-Polymer


  • Sweep all kind of bugs – regardless active or passive
  • Tape Recorder Detector 
  • Offices
  • Prisons
  • Court Rooms 
  • Head Quarters