RCJ1390LT-H Convoy Bomb Jammer

The RCJ1390LT-H is a Vehicle-Mounted  High-Power Convoy Jammer, designed for blocking remote controlled improvised explosive devices used by terrorists.

The RCJ1390LT-H Jammer is based on Advanced Technology for maximum performance. It Jams the signals transmitted to activate bombs. The unit is controlled by a Microprocessor for PLL programming, and uses a unique Modulation Technique based on mixed signal for Maximum Jamming Efficiency.

Each Module of RCJ1390LT-H transmits unique noise signal which create a "firewall” between the transmitter and its receiver. The jamming signal is being generated by Multi-VCO chain, which results in very high sweeping time along the bands, hence creating High RF Density in each part of protected frequency band.

Jamming radius of RCJ1390LT-H depends on several conditions, such as transmitter frequency and output power, distance to receiver and obstacles in-between. System modularity allows flexible usage in different applications. The system use Broadband Omni-Directional antennas for 360º protection.


• Special Military Units
• Special Police UnitsVIP Protection
• Bomb Disposal
• Convoy Protection etc.