RF jammer

Protecting The Nation With RF Jammers

The main reason for creating a radio jammer was for the security and the safety of the nation. This is the main reason why they are mostly used in government areas. The main reason why the government makes use of the same in the military areas is not in order to make it inconvenient for the people in that area but is to make sure that no important plans or strategies are going out of the area they are supposed to remain in.

Another important territory where the use of a RF jammer is common is a prison; this will help in ensuring that the prisoners are not able to communicate with others in their group who are outside the premises of the prison. This helps in stopping them from knowing about the outside world and at the same time makes the government make sure the prisoners will not be able to execute any criminal activity from the prison. The jammer also helps as a hindrance in the work of the missiles that are operated with the help of the signals.

CCJ670 - Medium Power 

CCJ670N RF Jammer has been designed for blocking RF communication between transmitter and its receiver.
The unique programming feature enables high flexibility in field of operation.
The CCJ670N use state-of-art technologies for maximum performance.
Each band transmits unique noise for high jamming efficiency.
The unit controlled by Microprocessor for high reliability and stability
for long time. The jamming distance affect directly from several conditions,
output power of transmitter, distance between transmitter and receiver,
modulation method and bandwidth of the system.
RF jammer