MP809 - Bomb / RCIED Jammer

The MP809 Man Pack Tactical Bomb Jammer is designed to neutralize RF and Cellular communication, during special unit's activity in the field. The MP809 uses Advanced Technology for Maximum performance, and is controlled by a Microprocessor for PLL & DDS programming.

The MP809 transmits white noise signal which cuts-off RF communications at HF/VHF bands and UHF bands. 
The unit provides protection against RCIED (Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device), detonated remotely by Cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

The protection Jamming radius is up to 50 meters at standard conditions (-65 dBm for GSM, -80dBm for UMTS/3G). 
The MP809 supplied with high quality Lithium-Polymer Batteries and provides 1.5 hours of continuous operation.

MP809 goes with a special suitcase case and a remote control. 
Additional features such as "anti-radiation" gaskets are also available with the device.