RSJ470 Responsive Bomb Jammer

The RSJ470 Tactical Bomb Jamming unit is designed for blocking RF based initiation of RCIEDs (Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device).

The system is comprised of two main RF blocks:

SFDR - Software Defined Radio
A DDS-based Jammer

During normal operation, the system "listens" to the predefined spectrum and collects the RF atmosphere in the protected band.
The collected data is analyzed in real time, and full flow and its output contains the frequency measurement, the signal's characteristics and the RF signal level.

Once any signal inside the protected band is classified by the system as threat, the Jammer takes action and transmits a white-noise signal. The signal Jams the communication between the receiver and the transmitter. 
This transmission lasts for several milliseconds, and then returns to reception mode, continuing to monitor the designated spectrum.

The user defines the threshold level for receiving signals to be jammed. 
Scanning time is fast enough to jam DTMF based initiated RCIEDs.

The minimum channel step is 10 KHz and maximum step is 1MHz. 
The user can also define the number of channels to be monitored and to be Jammed whenever the RF energy level is greater than the set threshold.

The IF bandwidth can be selected between 15 KHz to 2MHz based on a digital filter.

AM & FM demodulators are integrated part of the system and can be used for real-time listening purposes.