EW1600 - Military Tactical SATCOM Jammer

The EW1600 is a Vehicle-Mounted High-Power Tactical Jammer designed for blocking satellite communicationThe EW1600 is using Advanced Technology for Maximum performance.

The unit is controlled by a Microprocessor for
DDS programming and uses a unique Modulation Technique based on a mixed signal for Maximum Jamming efficiency. Each EW1600 Module transmits unique noise signal, which creates a "firewall” between the satellite and its receivers.

The Jamming signal is being generated by Multi-
VCO chain and DDS, which results in very high sweeping rate along the bands, hence create high RF density in each part of protected frequency band.

Jamming distance of EW1600 depends on several conditions, such as antenna angle to receiver, transmitter and output power, distance to receiver etc. 
System modularity allows flexible usage in different applications.

The system supports simultaneously Jamming of 5 bands, and 
uses Broadband Directional Antennas for selective Jamming area.



• Special Military Units

• Special Police Units

• Government Agencies 

EW1600 - Military Tactical SATCOM Jammer