SCJ1800 - High Power IMSI Catcher

The SCJ1800 Selective Cellular Jammer and IMSI Catcher, was designed to provide Selective Jamming and Cellular Extraction for Cell Phones inside facilities. The System Eavesdrops on Mobile Phones, and is based on a Wide Band Digital Receiver and Digital Signal Processors, which results GSM Micro Cell.

After processing the data, information is being sent to the CPU and the Jamming exciters, which generates Digital White Noise Signal, creating High Speed Channel  Blocking for a short period of time. 
At this stage the System returns to Receive Mode and search for additional threats. Once the system detects another threat it creates responsive reaction that blocks these channels again.

The user can define a list of “Friendly Cell Phones”, referred to as “White List”, that will never be blocked. This feature allows the user to operate his own communication without the concern of being blocked by the selective Jammer.

The system supports Simultaneous Jamming for up to 60 channels in each Cellular Band (CDMA, GSM and UMTS)
Unlike the standard Wide Band Cellular Jamming Solutions, while High RF energy is being transmitted along the Whole Band, hence creating Low Jamming Efficiency and wasting of power, the Selective Jammer generates very High Efficient Peak Power at the threat channels only.

The result is very long Jamming distance and High level protection against RCIED.