Ways to Beat Mobile Phone Jammers

Mobile phone jammers successfully block the signal. It sends out electromagnetic waves along the similar frequencies that cell phones use. This gives rise to enough hindrance with the communication between towers and cell phones to make the phones unserviceable. The device can function by either interrupting tower to phone or phone to tower frequencies. Older jammers were restricted to processing on phones using only digital and analog standards. The newer models can block diverse systems. Nevertheless, there are ways to beat mobile phone jammers. Typical cellular phone jamming devices are meant to get to distances of just about 30 feet. Hence make use of propinquity avoidance.

Walk or drive away from the blocked region to receive messages or calls. Utilize a quad-band mobile phone with different frequencies. Most jamming devices can jam only one frequency. In such cases, you will be able to make use of your cell phone’s alternative bands or frequencies. Only advanced devices can jam multiple bands. Utilize voice over IP or internet protocol to avoid radio frequencies and make calls over a WLAN network. It is one of the finest ways to beat mobile phone jammers. One such voice over IP program is Skype. Furthermore, use the data plan. Data plans like EV-DO and 3G utilize diverse frequencies.